Takeaways from Steve Jobs’ Biography

Just finished reading Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs. Most of you might know Jobs as the co-founder of Apple, and his innovations such as Macintosh, iPod, or iPhone. But it was much more than that. He advanced humanity by putting together technology and art to make something intuitive and revolutionary. […]

Takeaways from The Magic of Thinking Big

Just finished reading “The Magic of Thinking Big”. It taught me about the importance of having the right attitude to attain success and surround myself with big thinkers because big men do not laugh at big ideas. Hope without action is futile so I have to immediately get my ass […]

Audio Technica ATH-M50s/LE Review

Audio Technica is a renowned brand of both consumer and professional audio makers known for their uncompromising quality of good microphones and headphones. They are celebrating their 50th anniversary of Audio Technica and turn their flagship product ATH M50 into a fashion silver pair of headphones named ATH M50s/LE (s […]

Miss A “TOUCH” Review

Miss A just released their newest mini album and 5th single ‘TOUCH’. It instantly received an all-kill in South Korean Music Charts all around. The first impression of looking at this mini album is, the legs that have become trademark of miss A has gone, and replaced with Touchy, better, […]

IU “Last Fantasy” Review

IU (Lee Ji Eun) is known with her very talented voice and called ‘Nation’s little sister’. It has been 9 months since her last single “Good Day”, now she comes back with a full new album, “Last Fantasy”. IU has perfect voice, perfect look. Who would dare to hate her? Last […]

Wonder Girls “Wonder World” Review

I was so excited about the comeback of Wonder Girls. They’re known as top notch artists in South Korea. People miss their presence while they debuting and promoting Wonder Girls in US for several years. But people are anticipating their Korean comeback, and here they come with another awesome single “Be […]

Girls’ Generation “The Boys” Review

Finally! The wait is over and SNSD most anticipated album is out and good now. It is available for digital download on iTunes and all Korean music store like Naver, MelOn, etc. I decided to review this purely just from my opinion. After trending number 1 on Twitter with #GirlsGenerationDay (Already […]