Touch Korea Tour Commercial Remake in Stop Motion Animation

Update: I didn’t make to the top 21 contestants, thank you for your support. I’m participating in Touch Korea Tour video contest to achieve my dream of meeting miss A and 2PM held by Korean Tourism Organization. I produced a stop motion animation of Touch Korea Tour commercial remake for […]

How to help me achieving my ultimate dream to meet miss A

My ultimate dream is to meet miss A, and the only way I’m achieving that dream is by YOUR help. I know that there’s a lot of generous and warm-hearted people like you who takes time to read this post. I could never pay you back. Thank you so much!! […]

Miss A “TOUCH” Unboxing

Miss A released their new mini album of ‘Touch’ back then on February 21. Here is the detail of the inside out of their mini album. They come in a brand new concept, and also different logo. ‘Legs’ logo isn’t used any longer. Personally I like this better. I took […]

Miss A “TOUCH” Review

Miss A just released their newest mini album and 5th single ‘TOUCH’. It instantly received an all-kill in South Korean Music Charts all around. The first impression of looking at this mini album is, the legs that have become trademark of miss A has gone, and replaced with Touchy, better, […]

Miss A released new MV “Touch”

I’m so too much excited about this. And honestly, JYP again doesn’t fail to amaze me with his newest epic productions, miss A’s exclusive song and MV, “Touch”! You touch my heart baby! Touch Touch! Here is the MV, and I will do a review and unboxing of this mini […]