Anime Festival Asia 2013 Day 0

This is the 6th AFA in Singapore, the event is getting bigger and better. Preparation is also a fun stuff because you get to experience the event when it’s empty whilist getting everything ready for people to enjoy the next day. Everyone is working their best together to achieve good […]

Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013

Anime Festival Asia is an annual Southeast Asian Anime Festival held in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Anime Festival Asia held in Indonesia since last year. This year is bigger, better, but they didn’t anticipate this much heat from Indonesian otaku therefore it’s not big enough for all anime lovers in […]

Indonesia International Motor Show 2013

Held every year in Jakarta International Expo, Indonesia International Motor Show is the largest automotive exhibition in Asia with hundred thousands visitors attending throughout the expo from September 19-29th, 2013. Automakers are competing for the hottest spots inside to draw public attention in order to gain more market exposure to […]

Harun’s Journey

Harun’s Journey is an education game combined with RPG elements, introducing unique gameplay where educational quiz is presented. The whole idea is engaging player’s imagination so they could learn and have fun at the same time.

The Fugitive (Short Movie)

We proudly present our short movie “The Fugitive”, where mystery meets action. The story is about a woman stalked by a suspicious man, and there’s where the story builds up and provides thrilling and entertaining mystery.

Java Jazz Festival 2013

Like I always did, I attended Java Jazz Festival 2013 this year and it is fascinating. I went on Saturday with my dad and we have a lot of fun and interesting things there. I started with Kaori Kobayashi, a wonderful Japanese female saxophonist which makes a very good start […]

New Year in Paradise Island

Bangka is known for their beauty and overwhelming natural resources. Our family decided to spent our new year in Bangka and had a wonderful experience, we had good stay and good food. One of the greatest view lies at Parai beach.

Jakarta Motorcycle Show 2012

It is an annual motorcycle exhibition held at Jakarta Convention Center in response of exploding market of motorcycles. Jakarta Motorcycle Show’s theme for this year’s show is “Think Green, Act Safely”, hence there should be lots of eco-friendly motorcycles like low powered scooters. Yamaha booth with scooters visually modified and awesome […]

Jakarta Game Show 2012

Exhibitioning at the same time with Indocomtech, Jakarta Game Show is also an annual game show held in Jakarta Convention Center Playstation booth on Jakarta Game Show, this one is the coolest booth there in my opinion.