Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013

Anime Festival Asia is an annual Southeast Asian Anime Festival held in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Anime Festival Asia held in Indonesia since last year. This year is bigger, better, but they didn’t anticipate this much heat from Indonesian otaku therefore it’s not big enough for all anime lovers in Indonesia.

First photo is AFAID Press Conference held in Plasa Senayan with cosplayers Kaname, Angie, and Ying Tse on the stage

Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe Day 0


Bandai MPAF

Mirai Suenaga Itabike

Mirai Goodies

Culture Japan Booth Day 0

AFAID Day 0 – Preparation

Mirai Mie Bakso Booth Menu

Culture Japan staff preparing for AFAID

Doujin Booths

My cousin’s booth – quite empty compared to other doujin booths

Samuel Darmento

Cosplayer from Allsocan doujin booth

Allsocan booth merchandise


Doujin booth goodies

Lovely food stall shop assistants ^^

Quite relaxed on Day 1

Some Goku

JKT48 performing “Koi Suru Fortune Cookies”

JKT48 Performance video from WOW JAPAN – Official media partner of Anime Festival Asia

Samuel Darmento

Kyojin cosplayer

Samuel Darmento

Mirai Suenaga cosplayers

Samuel Darmento

Samuel Darmento

Samuel Darmento

Some lovely cosplayers

Sales also quite relaxed on Day 1

Bandai Booth

Bushiroad Booth

Samuel Darmento

Here is my otaku friends. Wanted to take much more photos but didn’t have the chance. Can’t wait for next year’s AFAID!
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