Indonesia International Motor Show 2013

Held every year in Jakarta International Expo, Indonesia International Motor Show is the largest automotive exhibition in Asia with hundred thousands visitors attending throughout the expo from September 19-29th, 2013. Automakers are competing for the hottest spots inside to draw public attention in order to gain more market exposure to their brand. Nevertheless, Toyota, Honda, Nissan are the big 3 companies with the most market share in Indonesia respectively hence they took the best and largest hall in the Expo showcasing their latest concept cars and custom built machines. First photo is Toyota’s hybrid race car.

Below is the video coverage of IIMS 2013

Toyota’s new hatchback Etios Valco



Southeast Asia’s most popular luxury car Toyota Fortuner


New Toyota FT-86

Toyota Navi


Honda Area

Honda NSX Concept Car


Honda CR-Z Hybrid Car


Yellow CR-Z



Honda’s new car line, Mobilio

Daihatsu Area


UFC 2 Concept Car, First UFC concept car can be found here.

CUV Concept Car


NC-Y Concept Car


NC-Z Concept Car

Nissan Area

Hyundai Area

Mitsubishi Area

Mitsubishi’s Pikes Peak MiEV Evolution II electric race car

Mitsubishi’s Hybrid Outlander

Suzuki Area

Mazda Area

Subaru Impreza WRX STi


Subaru BRZ

Chevrolet Camaro Hot Wheels Edition

Ford EcoSport

Audi Area

Mini Hyde Park

BMW Area

Mercedes Benz Area

Mercedes Benz’s Smart Car

Audi Area

Volkswagen Area

SRT Viper

Renault’s F1

Jaguar Area

Brand New Jeep

All New Range Rover

Kia Area

Peugeot Area

Exotic Cars

Lawson Truck

Exhibition Hall Atmosphere

This year’s exhibition is decent but lacking the best car in the world, Nissan GT-R. It can be found on last year’s IIMS at Nissan’s Area

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