The Fugitive (Short Movie)

We proudly present our short movie “The Fugitive”, where mystery meets action. The story is about a woman stalked by a suspicious man, and there’s where the story builds up and provides thrilling and entertaining mystery.

Below is commentaries from actors and the producer:

Vania Fardeli

To be a victim is a very challenging experience for me, yet.. It was such an unforgettable fun moment!

Albertus Agung

Very excited for being an actor, looking forward challenging scenes. I wonder to have more shooting actions in our next project and more beautiful girls of course.. Haha πŸ™‚

Steven Widharma from E-Ven Films

this is indeed the best short film we ever made. we give the viewers a chance to interpret the ending based on their imagination. love it.

As for me, it is indeed a challenging and fun project we did. Inspired from YOMYOMF’s short “Viewpoint”, we decided to create a whole new mystery and twists. There’s a lot of new experience and new stuffs we learned and hope to improve for our further projects. I had fun with these people as well, they have good raw talents and could be astonishing with more practice and experience.

The Fugitive v3_Mar 12, 2013 1.39.43 PM

The Fugitive v3_Mar 12, 2013 1.34.23 PM

The Fugitive v3_Mar 12, 2013 1.34.02 PM

The Fugitive v3_Mar 12, 2013 1.33.35 PM

The Fugitive v3_Mar 12, 2013 1.33.33 PM

Promotional poster of ‘The Fugitive’

The Fugitive Promotional Poster

We hope you enjoyed this shorts as much as we do, thank you for watching!

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