Jakarta Motorcycle Show 2012

It is an annual motorcycle exhibition held at Jakarta Convention Center in response of exploding market of motorcycles. Jakarta Motorcycle Show’s theme for this year’s show is “Think Green, Act Safely”, hence there should be lots of eco-friendly motorcycles like low powered scooters.

Yamaha booth with scooters visually modified and awesome motorcycles that’s not even sold here.

Racing motorcycle with lots of sponsors stickers

This one below is automatic transmission motorcycles in awesome stealth color mode, it is not for sale though

Suzuki booth with more classic designs

I love this one below, it looks so tomorrow

Honda booth with more concept motorcycles

Looks like this one got a lot of power

This one is just an ordinary scooters with extraordinary setting

Beware of aliens!

This one costs a whooping 50 thousand bucks

This one’s probably the most design suited for the theme “Think Green, Act Safely”, everything else is just so extravagant and wild