Jakarta Game Show 2012

Exhibitioning at the same time with Indocomtech, Jakarta Game Show is also an annual game show held in Jakarta Convention Center

Playstation booth on Jakarta Game Show, this one is the coolest booth there in my opinion.

Plenty of games to try, mostly online games

Sleeping dogs on showcase

This booth is not selling games, they’re selling the PCs. It is not surprising as Indonesian people rarely buy genuine software including games

Some arcades on the show

Me playing Sega’s maimai arcade with AKB48’s songs tuned. I really want to play these again sometimes

Check out the gameplay below

This one’s MuziBox from Taiwan

Robotics showcase from Fischertechnik, company based in Germany

There’s also IT Exhibition Indocomtech held at the same time and same place, different hall, you can grab the coverage here

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