Indocomtech 2012

Indocomtech is an annual Indonesian IT Exhibition held at Jakarta Convention Center. It is attended by huge numbers of participants including large companies like Sony, Asus, Toshiba, Samsung, Microsoft, and lots of minor ones. This year though, Windows 8 has just been released and the exhibition’s got all new tech hybrids, ultraportables, and touch screens for this all new operating system.

Asus got all new Windows 8 ultraportables

Google Nexus 7, priced at USD 319 in Indonesia

Tried angry birds space to see how well these quad-core processors perform

Quite too small for PC monitors

I like these acer notebook design

Multiple displays for soccer games? Not quite smart for me

Various tech companies showcasing their guts

This is probably something aimed for education from Epson

Logitech is ready for Windows 8

This one is definitely not for gaming, but will make a good use for daily computing with Windows 8

Inside the Logitech’s booth

Sony Vaio booth with new lineups to offer

Vaio’s Windows 8 notebooks lineup

This one’s still got Windows 7

Good deal and promotions from IT wholesalers

I’m using creative speakers for so long. Used to have their portable media player (PMP) too

Transparent touch screens display, this one priced at USD 2500 discounted from USD 2700

Audio Technica headphones booth, I love AT headphones and has been a satisfied user of their brand

Sony LED TV and mobile phones booth

Sony and iBox (Apple authorized resellers in Indonesia) booths side by side

New Macbook Pro with Retina display

I was curious to set my camera to macro mode and it turns out that the bare pixels are still noticed by the camera, now I know why these are called “Retina” display

Windows 8 ready for grab

Microsoft’s booth is way too small

Lenovo booth

There’s also Jakarta Game Show held at the same time and same place, different hall, you can grab the coverage here

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