Jakarta Motorcycle Show 2012

It is an annual motorcycle exhibition held at Jakarta Convention Center in response of exploding market of motorcycles. Jakarta Motorcycle Show’s theme for this year’s show is “Think Green, Act Safely”, hence there should be lots of eco-friendly motorcycles like low powered scooters. Yamaha booth with scooters visually modified and awesome […]

Jakarta Game Show 2012

Exhibitioning at the same time with Indocomtech, Jakarta Game Show is also an annual game show held in Jakarta Convention Center Playstation booth on Jakarta Game Show, this one is the coolest booth there in my opinion.

Indocomtech 2012

Indocomtech is an annual Indonesian IT Exhibition held at Jakarta Convention Center. It is attended by huge numbers of participants including large companies like Sony, Asus, Toshiba, Samsung, Microsoft, and lots of minor ones. This year though, Windows 8 has just been released and the exhibition’s got all new tech […]