Jak-Japan Matsuri 2012

Jak-Japan Matsuri is a summer festival held annually supported by Japanese embassy and Indonesian goverment. This year is no exception. Held at Lapangan Ikada, Monumen Nasional, which is one of the major landmarks of Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. I attended to the closing event of the festival which is held from 10AM until 9PM.

Japanese traditional drum – Taiko

Bon Odori at the very end

There’s also a lot of cosplayers attending the event

L’Arc-en-Ciel album cover man
Me with girl cosplayers
Blue and pink cosplayers

Sword Art Online is a very popular ongoing anime right now, I also watch the series and get fascinated by the awesomeness of the anime. Bumped into SAO cosplayers Asuna and Kirito then asked to take a shot with them right away.

Me with Sword Art Online Cosplayers
Another awesome cosplayers
Group of cosplayers
People taking selca with cosplayers

No surprise that Japanese people also came to the festival

Japanese people

Events at the Main Stage

Yukata Fashion show

Yukata girls

Entertaining Jazz performance from Japanese Galaxy Jazz Band

Galaxy Jazz Band

Collaboration of Galaxy Jazz Band and Indonesian singer

Galaxy Jazz Band

Live Singing Performance by May J, host of famous Japanese TV show, J-Melo.

Lovely May J
Lovely May J

Took a fancam of May J performance singing 『風になりたい』 which literally means “I want to become wind”

Performances from JKT48, sisters of AKB48. They performed Indonesian version of Heavy Rotation, Ponytail to Shushu, and Baby Baby Baby


Also took a fancam of JKT48 performances

Ponytail to Shushu

Heavy Rotation

Baby Baby Baby

Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara feat. Young Boys

Various singing performances and closing festival

Festival performances
Closing events

Booths at the festival

Japanese souvenirs
Japanese souvenirs
Japanese souvenirs
Japanese souvenirs

JKT48 official merchandises are originally available at Papaya, one of the largest chains of Japanese supermarkets in Jakarta

Japanese souvenirs
Turkey Kebab

There’s a small version of Sakura tree at the festival

Artificial Sakura Tree
Ojii-san with friends
Traditional Japanese culture
Playing wii at Pocari Sweat booth
Cosplay event

Calligraphy lessons at Toyota Booth

Calligraphy lessons
Traditional Japanese culture
Giant cat at Sharp booth
Tokyo Disney Resort
JAL Booth
Jak-Japan matsuri hand fan
Innovative waste recycle
Traditional Japanese culture

Bon Odori at the end of the festival. Bon Odori (盆踊り?), meaning simply Bon dance is a style of dancing performed during Bon festival, but now is famous and also performed at Summer Festival.

Bon Odori
Bon Odori

Hanabi at the closing of the main stage events. Hanabi is the Japanese word for fireworks (花火)


Jak-Japan Matsuri entrance

Jak-Japan Matsuri
Ticket booth

I had fun in this event and wish to come again next year to enjoy and learn more of Japanese culture.