Culture Japan Night Jakarta with Danny Choo

Culture Japan Night is an event where comrades (as Danny says) share their same interest, passion and hobby of Japanese Pop Culture. Hosted by the Danny Choo himself, this event is packed with so many interesting things, from gaining new friends and expanding your network, to meeting with Danny-san himself and get yourself an autograph and brief talk with him. Below is a video highlights of Culture Japan Night Jakarta that was held on September 3rd, 2012 at Hotel Borobudur, were also hotel where Danny sleeps during his stays in Indonesia.

I met a lot of new friends on this event and really grateful for it. There were also few cosplayers of Mirai Suenaga wandering around the place. I also got in queue to meet Danny, and finally got his autograph. Back to the event, I really glad that I could share my interest on Japanese Pop Culture, and talked about our favorite anime with comrades attending there. We did exchanged our contacts and grew our network for our future.

Danny put his stuffs and dolfies at the event and I got to see every single of them.

Mirai with Black Rock Shooters

Awesome Black Rock Shooter!

I also got a chance to take a photo with Danny Choo’s lovely wife

And of course with Danny Choo himself

At 6PM, it is announced that Danny will held the first tournament of Moekana ever (For those who didn’t know yet, Moekana is a set of hiragana flash cards for learning basic Japanese characters, but we could play by arranging the cards into a Japanese word then battle with your partner). It was an exciting battle, and the winner gets exclusive Moekana T-shirt with Danny’s autograph on it plus Mirai Music CD and Malaysian Mirai prepaid card.

Final round of the first Moekana tournament held at the hot round coffee table.

Finally we got the winner and the tournament finished

Winners takes photo with Dr. Vee and Danny Choo with Mirai cosplayers

Time flew by so fast and finally it’s time for closing session and there was a group photo taking and a brief shoot for Culture Japan Season 3 with us shouting “You’re watching Culture Japan!”

Danny put the event to end with his closing speech saying important things about sharing and pursuing your dream (please refer to the video on top of this page). And that concludes Culture Japan Night Jakarta.


More shots of the event

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