How to help me achieving my ultimate dream to meet miss A

My ultimate dream is to meet miss A, and the only way I’m achieving that dream is by YOUR help. I know that there’s a lot of generous and warm-hearted people like you who takes time to read this post. I could never pay you back. Thank you so much!!

This contest is only eligible for Indonesian and held by official Korea Tourism Organization from South Korea. The grand prize is to meet miss A and 2PM in South Korea.

There’s only 3 very simple step for you to help me, and it’s free.

Step 1

Open my post:

Like, Tweet, and Plus (if you have google+), and Comment on my post. It is very easy as I already put the buttons there, and also it’s very very easy for you to comment on my post as I use DISQUS (You’ll be familiar if you open allkpop regularly).

You just need to click the buttons in my post to like, tweet, and plus. The buttons would look like the example below:

Share buttons

And you don’t need to have DISQUS account. Just type your comment and post with the ID you like (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Comment system

Step 2

Like this Facebook link: 

(You don’t need to like the page, just my post will do)

It would look like this:

Step 1

Step 3

Favorite my Tweets:

Tweet example

Thank you very very much for taking your time doing this. Nomu kamsa hamnida ^^

We live by helping each other

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