Miss A “TOUCH” Review

Miss A just released their newest mini album and 5th single ‘TOUCH’. It instantly received an all-kill in South Korean Music Charts all around. The first impression of looking at this mini album is, the legs that have become trademark of miss A has gone, and replaced with Touchy, better, artistic than ever, that in my opinion is the best album art of miss A’s singles. This mini album has even more fresh new songs than their full album ‘A Class’.

'Touch' Album Art
‘Touch’ Album Art

They also had a lot of concept photos accompanying their latest single, and this is one of them.

Touch concept photos #1

Main Single: TOUCH

Now let’s go to the magical part of the single, it’s the most awaited, looked forward, Music Video of ‘TOUCH’

TOUCH is a concept inspired by the theme, “A love that blossoms from pain“. So there’s the main elements like roses, and pain feeling, betrayed feeling. The lyrics itself portrays a brokenhearted girl that fall in love with an irresistible man, leading the lyrics to the refrain that goes “You touch my heart”. The man touched the girls’ heart. The MV begins with a different, brand new logo of miss A arranged perfectly with miss A’s tempting figure. JYP also didn’t forget to promote his edgy headphones Diamond Tears, seen around Fei’s neck at the beginning of the MV.

miss A “Touch” Concept Photo

Jia’s black hair is best than ever. Suzy will make your hearts flutter with her uncompromising beauty. Fei’s charm is unrivaled. Min is so sexy and appealing.

The intro of this song would be similar to many of us that saw the teaser. It’s faster in tempo than the teaser, creating a good atmosphere, gloomy yet blooming, an unusual heartbeat inducing melody. Followed by great accompaniment, a fresh feeling of miss A. They sing every part beautifully and in harmony. It will stay in your head for some time, and you’ll be astonished by how high the quality this song had made. Jia is rapping as always, and her rap is even better here. Some say it’s addicting, I say this is just awesome.


Track 2 -“Lips”

This song was produced by Fuego and composed by Redd Stylez, Nikki Flores & Billion Dollar Baby. At the beginning, we could feel the similar style with miss A’s single “Love Alone” as it’s produced by the same person. Also we found the infusion between Kpop and Western R&B, resulting in modern, high quality song for miss A. It’s fun to hear and I found it enjoyable.

Track 3 – “Rock n Rule”

It is a pop-electro club track that incorporates elements of dubstep in its bridge. People would know that it’s miss A’s song because they sound so different and unique.

Track 4 – “No Mercy”

It fuses British rock with the sound of synthesizers, resulting in a sophisticated, yet lively vibe. Here we could feel the enthusiasm of miss A on expressing their feeling in the song of “No mercy”. They blend in good harmony with this song.

Track 5 – “Over U”

This is also a rock-styled song that tells the story of girl that is so done with her lover, and had a lyrics that goes “I’m so over you, you, you, you”. It’s fun to listen, and you can feel the anger and optimistic sound from miss A that declares the end of the loveline story.

Track 6 – “Touch (Newport mix)”

This is a rendering of miss A’s Touch in R&B, with a slight downtempo, slower pace, resulting in a whole different fresh feel of ‘Touch’, a very good alternative to the addictive main single.



Overall this is an excellent album. I’m recommending this single, especially one who loves miss A’s top class figure.

Min’s “TOUCH”
Fei's "TOUCH"
Fei’s “TOUCH”
Jia’s “TOUCH”
Suzy "TOUCH"
Suzy’s “TOUCH”

miss A: “You touch my heart, baby”
us: “No, YOU touch our heart miss A!!”

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