IU “Last Fantasy” Review

IU (Lee Ji Eun) is known with her very talented voice and called ‘Nation’s little sister’. It has been 9 months since her last single “Good Day”, now she comes back with a full new album, “Last Fantasy”. IU has perfect voice, perfect look. Who would dare to hate her?

IU “Last Fantasy” Photo Teaser

Last Fantasy album is a well made, high quality music that will blow your mind away with sparkling fantasy.

IU’s main song is “You and I”. It comes out with 9 minutes long fantasy-themed Music Video. About the MV, Loen Entertainment officially explained about what happened in the MV.

At the beginning, we can see a set of clock tower with a girl and a boy in sleeping beauty inherited from her grandfather. Her grandfather has designed that he would wake up after she becomes an adult. She then take care of the place and the boy very carefully.

Inside also a toy train set running and she steps inside it looking into the future. She sees herself being together with the boy with a happy ending. Knowing that, she can’t wait to become an adult, inventing a time machine to leap into the future. Sadly, the time she goes into the future is the same time she becomes adult, so the boy awakes and didn’t meet her. But eventually she meets him in the future and it’s a happy ending.

Here is the MV from the official channel LOENENT:

You and I

In my personal opinion, You and I (너랑 나 ) MV is magnificent. It carries you away to a nice setting of fantasy world where the love story lies. The storyline of the MV is typical, but that’s not the point. It feels magical and interesting, giving you the desire to explore more and more, repeating the MV to see what you missed. I enjoyed this MV, and the song.

About the song, “You and I” have a similar arrangement to “Good Day”. However, the song itself is at all different and gives you a whole new level of experience. From the beginning of the music you already feel the fantasy, the magical theme that takes you beautifully to begin the journey of this magical song.

Sunny Hill sings all the back-up vocals of the song, according to the credits from the MV.

The chorus is beautiful. They made it splendid and really shows off her vocal talent and her personality. The high notes can be felt all around the chorus and of course sung wonderfully by our talented IU.

IU “Last Fantasy” Special Edition

The Album

The genre of this album is claimed dance pop and ballad, but there’s also jazz on the last two tracks of the album. Through my observation, I found an unique thing that the dance pop tracks can be found on the even-numbered tracks and the ballad tracks can be found all on the odd-numbered tracks excluding the jazz one.

The last two tracks “4 AM” and “Lamante” is very jazzy, and as far as i know those are the first IU’s jazz music.


Track 1 “비밀 (Secret)”

I love this song as a beginning of a journey to IU’s Last Fantasy. Starts off with piano and a bit of violin, followed by IU’s awesome voice. Also accompanied with great background choir that made it feels even more grand and majestic.

Track 2 “잠자는 숲 속의 남자 (Feat. Yoon Sang) (Sleeping Prince of the Woods”

Giving a fresh feel and energetic melody, this song gives a happy feeling and portrays IU’s style neatly.

Track 3 “별을 찾는 아이 (Feat. Kim Kwang Jin) (Child Searching for a Star)”

Another slow track, slowing down the mood, carries you away into deeper fantasy of a child searching for a star. However I found the male backing vocals a bit annoying though, think it would be better if replaced with female vocals.

Track 5 “벽지무늬 (Wallpaper Design)”

A perfect track to follow after IU’s upbeat track “You and I”.

Track 6 “삼촌 (Feat. Lee Juck) (Uncle)”

One of my favorite track in this album. The melody and harmony are lovable, arrangement is neat. I also love IU’s voice here where she acts cute on her part. The rap part by Lee Juck is also quite good.

Track 7 “사랑니 (Wisdom Tooth)”

This song is quite typical, and feels familiar. But IU managed to make this song interesting and feels good.

Track 8 “Everything’s Alright (Feat. Kim Hyun Cheol)”

This song is also quite typical, but again IU managed to create a good atmosphere out of it.

Track 9 “Last Fantasy”

This is the album title, but not the main track of the album. The song feels magical, the intro feels like you’re in some sparkling wonderland. I love this track’s both composition and orchestral arrangement. The melody also feels magical and enchanting. IU really did a good job singing this song. “Last Fantasy” makes me want to listen to it again and again, definitely one of my favorite track on this album.

Track 10 “Teacher (Feat. Ra.D)”

This track gives different style than other previous track, I would say this is a bit R&B, which is good to make good variations to complete this album.

Track 11 “길 잃은 강아지 (A Lost Puppy)”

This track is a song composed by IU herself. From the beginning we can notice how this song is an elegant ballad. Judging from this song, I think she did quite well composing a well made song. Not the best, but good.

Track 12 “4AM”

This song is jazzy and a bit funky actually. This really shows us a different side of IU with her singing, the way she handles music. And it turns out she’s quite good in jazz. Should be more of this in the future.

Track 13 “라망 (L’ amant) (The Lover)”

This song is even more jazzy and slow. People who likes KPOP generally will stand a chance to dislike this song, probably because it’s too jazzy and feels off from the entire album. But I like it, since I already like Jazz from the start. Despite all that, she also did a good job handling this jazz song.


Last Fantasy


This album is lovable, makes you wanna listen more and again, a fresh and beautiful IU guiding you for a journey to the last fantasy. I officially recommend this album.