Wonder Girls “Wonder World” Review

I was so excited about the comeback of Wonder Girls. They’re known as top notch artists in South Korea. People miss their presence while they debuting and promoting Wonder Girls in US for several years. But people are anticipating their Korean comeback, and here they come with another awesome single “Be My Baby” as their main track in “Wonder World” album. Allkpop reviewed this album and concludes them in one world: “Success”

Wonder Girls really stand up to it’s name. They’re simply wonderful and really portrays what we call “Wonder World”

Wonder Girls’ Wonder World comeback

Be My Baby

The first time hearing “Be My Baby”, I’m totally fall in love with it. Catchy tunes, Nice rhythms, Good lyrics. This song is obviously made by JYP himself since he’s not forgetting the trademark “JYP” in the beginning of the song. Sohee really caught my attention though. She’s became the spotlight in this MV, with her awesome dance, and of course, the awesomest dance of Wonder Girls. However there’s some people criticized about the choreography being Beyonce-ish. But to tell the truth, Wonder Girls teamed up with Beyonce’s choreographer, Jonte. It’s the same person (as Beyonce’s choreographer) who choreographed for this MV so there’s nothing to be worry about.

Kim Yeo Hee recomends Ra.D remix of “Be My Baby”

This song is made available for digital downloads in iTunes, Korean online music store, and of course available in physical album. This track “Be My Baby” placed on the second track on this album and a nice remix on Track 10 by Ra.D even recommended by Kim Yeo Hee (applegirl) on her Twitter. Be My Baby also available in English version for US albums.

Wonder World Album cover

I bet you’ve watched the MV like several times since you’re reading this review, but to make it complete, here’s the Music Video of the main track “Be My Baby”

The Rest of The Album

Track 1 “G.N.O”

G.N.O stands for “Girls Night Out”. This track makes the listeners feel more anticipated for the next track. Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun herself made this track as render of American club music especially made to be enjoyable for Korean people. I admit this song really feels like western song but with Korean lyrics. Since it’s club music, the composition is a little bit noisy and some people not gonna like it if they hate club genre. But they successfully made it exceptional and awesome to be presented as the opening of this album.

Track 3 “Girls, Girls”

This song starts off with acoustic guitar and nice rhythm, and continues with a really enjoyable music and nice rap verses. Really can’t say much about this track. It’s simply enjoyable.

Track 4 “Me, in”

It’s time to rock! It’s nice to hear that they’re presenting this album ‘not just like another’ album. They kicked off the start with club, and now they’re rockin in Me, in.  The song is accompanied with modernized electric guitar, strong melody and good rhythms. “Me, in” was introduced in their first video teaser on YouTube.

Track 5 “Sweet Dreams”

It is said that Wonder Girls will not be back with their retro concept, yet this track is an awesome semi retro music. This is one of my favorite song in this album.

Track 6 “Stop”

The track is somewhat stands in between Pop-Rock. It’s delivered right and nice. Started off with cowboy electric tunes and continues right with their awesome voice. This is a good example of near perfect K-pop song

Track 7 “Dear Boy”

Wonder World wouldn’t be complete without a slow, heartwarming track. The song brings us to a downtempo and warmer feeling voice of Wonder Girls. Their voices can be heard clearly and nice.

Track 8 “두고두고” (Du Go Du Go/Long Long Time)

This is also a downtempo track, presenting more R&B style and good accompaniment.

Track 9 “SuperB”

The song also made by Wonder Girls, a club genre song, again. Cool tunes and well composed song

Track 10 “Act Cool”

Labelmate San. E featured as rapper and backing vocals in this song. This song speaks how to act cool and showoffs. Lim did really awesome rap just like San. E in this track. It’s a nice track to have fun.

Track 12 “Nu Shoes”

This is the closing track of Wonder World. I’m a bit sad it’s coming to an end, but unexpectedly it turns out that this track feels so right to delivers this album to an end. It’s feels like a farewell song, inviting you to listen to this album again from the first track, over and over again!


I like this album. I love Wonder Girls. They successfully bring back their name again as “Wonder Girls”!