Girls’ Generation “The Boys” Review

Finally! The wait is over and SNSD most anticipated album is out and good now. It is available for digital download on iTunes and all Korean music store like Naver, MelOn, etc. I decided to review this purely just from my opinion. After trending number 1 on Twitter with #GirlsGenerationDay (Already collapsed now), and Teddy Riley’s first SNSD song, The Boys. How well do they go?

“The Boys” Album cover

I’m a bit surprised looking at the picture below. Tiffany’s just like a goddess. Her charm and beauty are exceptionally outstanding.

Tiffany’s beautiful charm


Below is the English version of “The Boys”:

Below is the Korean version of “The Boys”:

The Boys

The song is awesome and catchy, but as some people said the tempo is too slow and not as good as expected in the Teaser. Overall the song feels too Western-ish R&B, that makes the English version of the song feels better. I assume not all Korean people gonna like this song.

However the MV is awesome. Every girl didn’t miss the spotlight and it doesn’t bore the normal audience (non SONEs). All of them are beautiful and looks mature. Tiffany and Taeyeon both looks outstanding, just like a goddess. Sunny looks totally different from usual, she transformed into a whole new level of beauty. Yuri, Yoona, Sooyoung, Jessica, they’re prettier than ever. Seohyun gave us her mature side, she’s pretty. Hyoyeon also looks cool and beautiful.


The Rest of The Album

Track 2 “텔레파시 (Telepathy)”

This is an immediate reversal of the first song. Back to the KPOP genre, it sounds TOTALLY different. This song is fun and good to hear, feels cheerful and this is typical SNSD songs. So if you’re used to their songs, then you’re gonna like this song.

Track 3 “Say Yes” 

This is also pleasant to hear, the melody are colorful and I like the part when they said “Can you feel my heart..”

Track 4 “TRICK”

Feels originally K-POP. But feels not so special to me. The melody feels like it’s familiar, I have heard something like this on other KPOP songs. But still nice to be heard, though.

Track 5 “봄날 (How great is your love)”

A first Ballad song from this album. This is refreshing and we can hear each one of the girls voice clearly. Their voice are enchanting, I’ll probably listen to this track a lot.

Track 6 “My J”

I don’t know how but this song feels like a Christmas song to me. Arrangements and the melodies are Christmas themed. It’s like a very early Christmas tune. I like Christmas tune, so I like this song.

Track 7 “OSCAR”

This is again feels familiar, so I don’t feel anything so special about this song. But it’s good anyway.

Track 8 “Top Secret”

As the title says, this song starts off with a ‘Secret agent’ tune and brings out a good catchy tune to be heard. This song is ‘hoot’ themed song, but of course it’s entirely different.

Track 9 “Lazy Girl (Dolce Far Niente)”

Tune is catchy, and the song is pleasant to hear. This song has refreshing melodies, I feel refreshed just by hearing this song.

Track 10 “제자리걸음 (Sunflower)”

A slow pop song from “The Boys”. This song radiates a deep feeling and somehow brings peace. This is also one of my favorite songs in this album.

Track 11 “비타민 (VITAMIN)”

It starts off with a fresh rhythm and continues to amaze me until the end. I especially like the part when they spell “V-I-T-A-M-I-N”, it’s awesome. This is also a typical SNSD’s songs, and I like that typical SNSD songs that is cheerful and happy.

Track 12 “MR TAXI (Korean ver.)”

This is obviously the Korean version of Japanese released single “MR. TAXI”. The melody is still the same. I still like the Japanese version better.

Track 13 “The Boys (English ver.)”

As I mentioned earlier, I like the English version better. Tiffany and Teddy Riley composed this song, since they both influenced with American style music, it is obvious that this tune is a better fit for the English version.



I love SNSD, I like their songs, I like the girls, so I don’t want to judge them by numbers. Let’s just enjoy it!