SNSD as Running Man guests!

Ok first. I didn’t win the tickets (Miss A showcase). The winner was the other guy, I think. But life must goes on, and here is the good news. SNSD comes to Running Man, and not just one member, there’s 6 of them! This is a pretty big surprise for me, […]

Miss A’s upcoming showcase

Miss A will perform a showcase in September 30, 2011 in Singapore. It said that they will atleast perform 9 songs and play 2 or 3 games. This is just like a dream for say A! Tickets are rapidly sold out, few days after they open the booth it already sold […]

KPOP and K-things

Recently KPOP gained a lot popularity not only from Koreans but from all around the world. Even Ryan Higa (Youtube celebrity) say things about 2NE1 and KevJumba obviously likes Super Junior. It is awesome how KPOP is spreading like a virus. For me it’s no wonder they gain that much […]

Fresh start

It has been a while since was closed down because of unexpected tragedy, suspended hosting server! That’s epic enough to be laughed at. But since it’s a new start, I’m gonna be updating this site more frequently. This time I’m going to post more about my interests! Running man […]