Let's sit back and think about the discoveries and breakthroughs achieved by the space programs all around the world. Imagine the scene where the best people from the world join hands building the next habitable world on Mars. Imagine the sheer possibilities. Another essential reason to make Mars habitable is to create a backup for humanity by copying ourselves to a second hard drive.

Humans will arrive on Mars by 2024. However that is just the beginning. From that point on, we will need many more resources to develop a sustainable and comfortable living space on mars. IITE is the solution to facilitate extensive connectivity between Martians and other intergalactic voyagers.

Interplanetary Information Technology Ecosystem (IITE) will be needed to provide cloud based solutions to ensure smooth communication between Martian and people on Earth. By 2050, the latency between Earth and Mars will be reduced significantly by placing a pair of communication relay satellites into a very special type of orbit near Mars.

Our life goal is to ensure everything goes according to the plan and secure the future of humanity. My life mission is to by all means support the advancement of human frontiers by nurturing the growth in the IITE sector.